Frequently Asked Questions About Managed Futures

For the individual or institutional investor who is simultaneously performance-oriented and risk-conscious, the key question is how best to achieve a higher overall rate of return with acceptable risk.

The answer may be a diversified investment portfolio with some portion of the total assets invested in a managed futures account. That is, an account that utilizes the abilities of a professional Commodity Trading Advisor who’s able to bring experience, discipline, and a history of past success to the trading of futures contracts.

TraderView is a boutique specializing in alternative investments and with our role as a manager of investment managers, we help our clients identify their personal investment objectives and assist them in the selection of registered Commodity Trading Advisors.

By providing plain language answers to plain language questions, the pages that follow can be helpful in deciding whether a managed futures account can help achieve specific investment goals, particularly in today’s volatile and increasingly challenging investment markets.