The Growth and Benefits of Managed Futures

Futures and options have been used for centuries both as a risk management tool and return enhancement vehicle, yet managed futures, as an investment alternative, has been available only since the late 1960s. More recently, institutional investors such as corporate and public pension funds, endowments and trusts and bank trust […]


The term “managed futures” represents an industry comprised of professional money managers known as commodity trading advisors (CTAs) who manage client assets on a discretionary basis, using global futures and options markets as an investment medium. However, for managed futures to grow as an investment alternative, individuals need to increase […]

Portfolio Overview

The investing landscape has changed and in today’s investing environment, there are numerous challenges and opportunities. Being able to diversify your assets in non-traditional ways is becoming more attractive to an ever increasing number of investors. TraderView specializes in alternative investments and function as managers of investment managers for our […]